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Printful Print-On-Demand – your website your rules!

Now when we have decided on the individual distribution platforms for our artwork, we have come across another phenomenon in the digital art world and that is a service of printing-on-demand via your own online shop. That sounded very interesting and reasonably easy (more on that in the next series of our posts so stay tuned!) to implement and promised the best of both worlds.

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Why we thought Printful was a good distribution channel for our art:

  1. We are promoting our own brand – not another brand where we just have the designs. This was the key attraction to us.
  2. We are in charge of how the items are presented to the buyer
  3. The customers can reach us directly to discuss the items and their experiences (that can be potentially a problem, but we’ll view it as a benefit for now!)
  4. The percentage royalties per item are considerably higher compared to selling our art on other platforms
  5. We keep all of the flexibility of the on-demand printing
  6. The printing company can deal with all of the ins and outs of the sales, delivery and returns

So what’s not to like – yet again this seemed like a no brainer.

The biggest platform operating this structure is Printful and it can integrate seemingly with a vast array of hosting services… just well, not the one our website was already set up on!

Here comes the first real challenge for us and that is deciding how to set up our new shop on the website we already have –

In the next post I will discuss in more detail what service is, how to set it up and what we decided to go with for our underlying website engine.

Hope you found this information useful and till next time!



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