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Printful implementation plan

Today we will be talking about the plan we followed in setting up an online store using Printful.

Printful is a Print-On-Demand drop shipping platform that allows designers and artists to  create prints and merchandise of their creations and sell them through the artists’ own websites. They combine two brilliant concepts in one platform that is what we love them for.

This was attractive to us for several reasons that we have discussed in our previous post and you can head back to that post now and read all about it here.

Once we agreed that we will go ahead and set up our own website with an integrated Printful shop we faced quite a number of challenges associated with the fact that we did not have a website up and running and were using third party platforms for marketing our work. Exciting as it was it needed some research and first of all – a plan!

So here is the high level plan we used for setting up our online shop using Printful:

  1. Register a domain name and set up a hosting account
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Choose the theme for your website
  4. Sign up for Printful and Choose the eCommerce platform for your shop
  5. Install the WooCommerce and integrate it with Printful
  6. Populate the online shop by creating products on Printful and adding them to our shop
  7. Select and set up payment methods
  8. Perform a “trial run” to make sure that the shop is working correctly

I decided to keep this post short and sweet rather than cramming all of the information about the individual steps into one single post. Click on each step and it will take you to the separate post where I am discussing the step-by-step process we followed to implement that step, the lessons we learnt and any tips we collected to help you set up your online shop.

Let me tell you – getting to the 8th point on this plan was no easy journey, but if you head to our web page right now you will see that we managed to step through the plan and are now proud owners of a fully functioning eCommerce shop and an online gallery.

As you can see, the story ends at the point when we are able to sell our products online, but the natural “next step” is to ask yourself: ”Just how do I actually sell anything?” or “How do people find me in the ocean of other websites?”

If you already have a fully-functioning online shop and would like to move on to the next step of actually making sales, then head straight to our marketing post and learn the strategies and channels we chose to make our work visible on the internet.

Hope you found this information useful and till next time!



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