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How to add/remove files to your site

So you have your website and it all seems to be working just fine without you ever having to do one bit of programming. Great! It really is as easy and everyone is telling you and then…. then you realise that for Google or any other search engine to find you you need to add a new file called “sitemap.hml” to the root directory of your site.

That can present a challenge if you have never seen the back end of a site and haven’t got the first clue where to find that root directory. Fear not – I have you covered.

Adding a file directly into the site is very similar to adding a file into your computer file structure. Here is how you do it.

Step 1: Log into your cPanel

Log into your hosting management panel. Our website is hosted through HostingIreland and all of the changes that have to be made directly to the website infrastructure is done through the cPanel management panel, which is why we will use it in our example.

You can find all the relevant log in information in the Welcome email you received when you first signed up for hosting. Make sure to keep a copy of that email in a safe place!

Step 2: Once logged into the cPanel, find the “File Manager” icon. It is located in the Files section.

Step 3: Get into the File Manager

Once you click into the file manager you’ll see the file structure similar to your traditional File Explorer. In the left panel you’ll see the overview of all the files stored on your hosting.

Step 4: Find your website root directory

Scroll down in the left hand panel to the folder public_html. Click into this folder and find the address of your site ( Clicking into that foldere will show you the contacts of the root directory of your website.

Step 5: Upload the “sitemap.hml” into the root directory by pressing the “Upload” button on the top menu of the CPanel File Manager.

Click on the “Select file” button to pick the file from your device

Step 6: Click “Select File” button to open the File Manager on your device. Locate the “sitemap.hml” file in the directory you have previously saved in to and press “ok”. The file will then upload into the root directory of your site. You can check that the file is in the root directory by going back through Steps 2-4. You will see “sitemap.hml” in the list of files contained in your website root directory located in the main panel on the right.

The file is now in the directory

Congratulations! This is now done and you can go back to creating art!

Till next time!


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