Create a new DNS record for your website

Follow the step-by-step instructorial to create a new DNS record for your website:

Step 1:

Log into your hosting management panel. Our website is hosted through HostingIreland and all of the changes that have to be made directly to the website infrastructure is done through the cPanel management panel, which is why we will use it in our example.

You can find all the relevant log in information in the Welcome email you received when you first signed up for hosting. Make sure to keep a copy of that email in a safe place!

Step 2:

Once logged into the cPanel, scroll down to the “Zone Editor” icon. It is located in the Domains section.

Select the "Zone Editor" icon in the Domains section
Select the “Zone Editor” icon in the Domains section

Step 3:

Select the domain you need to add the DNS record to and click the “manage” button for that domain.

Select the Domain
Select the Domain you are working on and click “Manage”

Step 4:

Press “Add Record” on the screen that appears:

Add Record screen in the cPanel Zone Editor
DNS Zone Editor View

Step 5:

A field for the new record will be added to the list of the available records. Fill it in as following:

Adding a new DNS record
Adding a new DNS record

Click “Add Record” and leave your work for about 10 minutes for the records to get updated.

Congratulations, you have added a new DNS record to you site!

If you are doing it as part of your Google Search Console verification process, return to the original post by clicking here.

Hope you found this post useful.


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